„As a leading petrochemical company and a major employer, we are aware of our social responsibility. In addition to activities supporting education, science and research as well as environmental protection, we are now establishing a foundation which will take care of popularization and development of natural science and technical fields among the rising generation. The Foundation represents our next contribution to the future of chemical industry, science, research and development in the Czech Republic,“ said Tomas Herink, Member of Unipetrol´s Board of Directors responsible for research and development adding: „We want to open up opportunities for adequate education to the widest possible number of students regardless of their origin or social background.“

The Foundation’s aims shall be implemented through the following three pillars of support:

Unipetrol Foundation’s scholarship program

The scholarship program is designed for university students of science and engineering from across the country and high school students in the Usti Region who cannot fully develop their talents due to financial difficulties. Besides above-average academic performance, the jury also assesses students’ current activities and their future development plans

Unipetrol Foundation’s high school grant program

The funding is intended to support technical equipment of schools and to implement projects lead by students during school clubs and seminars.

Unipetrol Foundation offers the mediation of paid internships to high school and university students

Board members of the Foundation Board of Directors are: Katarzyna Woś, Member of the Unipetrol Group responsible for purchasing and asset management, Karel Melzoch, Rector of the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, Tomáš Herink, member of the Unipetrol Group’s Board of Directors, responsible for research, development and education. Julie Růžičková is the Foundation’s coordinator. More information on Unipetrol Foundation’s mission as well as its individual programs is available at www.nadaceunipetrol.cz

Unipetrol Foundation was established by the Unipetrol Group in 2016. The purpose of the Foundation is publicly beneficial and charitable. The Foundation generally contributes to the development of Czech society and improvement of life quality by focusing on support of secondary and higher education, popularization of science and technology, environmental improvement and promotion of science, research and development. The Foundation puts emphasis on equalization of opportunities for individual development, particularly in high unemployment areas, and supports people for whom difficult financial situations represent an obstacle in terms of education. The Foundation focuses its activities primarily on science and technology popularization. It realizes its goals through scholarships, paid student internships and high school support programs.

email: nadace@nadaceunipetrol.cz

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